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18" H x 24" W

Cad $610 (+Cad $175 installed)

18" H x 36" W

Cad $725 (+Cad $175 installed)


  • Meets European ECE standards and DOT certified

  • Powder coated aluminum frame

  • Gray acrylic glazing, double-pane, UV resistant

  • Telescopic strut hinges hold window securely when open, optional three opening positions - 20, 40 and 60 degrees

  • Push button locking handles with semi-locking position feature

  • Retractable black out shade with reflective exterior and bug screen

  • Exterior rubber seal

  • Other benefits – when blind is drawn it can create a second air gap for additional thermal efficiency during the winter months, windows are 40% lighter than similar sized glass windows and can serve as an emergency exit

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